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This section contains our most popular Motorola two way radio batteries.  If you don't see a battery here, please give our Office a call for a free quote.

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Motorola 53960 DTR Series 6 port Multi-Unit Charger

53963 DTR410,  DTR550, and DTR650 Standard Replacement Battery

Motorola 53964 DTR Series High Capacity Battery

Motorola CLS & VL Series multi-charger

56531 CLS Six Unit Charger

56553 CLS Series Replacement Charger

CLP High Capacity Battery Door

CLP Standard Battery Door

Motorola HKKN4013A

CLP & DLR High Capacity Li Ion Battery

CLP Standard Li Ion Battery

CLP Multi Unit Charger

Motorola CLP Series single unit charging tray

CLP Single Unit Charger

 Motorola RM Series Single Unit Charging Tray

 Motorola PMLN7136 DLR Series 12 Unit Charging Station

 Motorola PMLN7140 DLR Series Single Unit Charging Tray 

 Motorola RM Series Battery 

CLS Series Replacement Battery

Motorola RDX & CP110 10 Hour Charging Tray

RDX Charging Tray Only

Motorola RLN6304 RDX and CP110 2 Hour Charging Tray

RLN6304 RDX Series 2 Hour Rapid Charging Kit

RLN6305 RDX Series High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery

RLN6306 RDX Series Alkaline Battery Frame

Motorola RLN6308 Ultra High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery for Motorola RDX & CP110 series two way radios

Ultra High Capacity Battery for RDX Series and CP110


RLN6309 RDX Series Multi-Unit Charging Tray

Motorola RLN6351 RDX & CP110 Standard replacement lithium ion battery

RLN6351 RDX Standard Capacity Lithium Ion Battery

RDX Charger Power Supply Only