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Wireless Solutions stocks all of the accessories listed in this section. This isn't a full representation of all accessories made by Vertex Standard. If you don't find what you're looking for please call the Office or send us an email and we'll be glad to assist you.

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Vertex Standard ATU-14D UHF antenna for VX-450 series two way radios

VXD-720 UHF 450-512 MHz Whip Antenna

VX-450 UHF Antenna 450-470 MHz

Vertex ATU-6A Antenna for use with UHF Vertex Standard Radios who need the frequency range of: 400 - 430 MHz. 

Vertex standard UHF antenna 450-485 MHz

Vertex Standard ATU-6DS stubby antenna for VX-231, VX-350, and VX-160 series two way radios

Stubby Antenna 450-485 MHz/ 3.5"   

 VX-450 VHF Antenna (150-162 MHz)     

 Stubby Antenna 150-163 MHz/ 3.5"    

Standard VHF Antenna 150-163 MHz/6"