Why do I only see list prices on the website?
Wireless Solutions a wholesale distributor. We only sell products to Resellers who have a valid business license and a State Reseller’s Certificate. Should you want to purchase two way radios for your own use, please contact us at 888339-0217 and we will assist you in selecting product and Reseller to complete your transaction.

How do I gain access to pricing on the website?
Pricing access is reserved for existing Wireless Solutions Resellers. Please contact us via email or by phone during normal business hours to request access to the site.

How do I become a Reseller?
Please visit our Reseller page and follow the instructions or call us at 888-339-0217 for more information.

How do I place an order?
Existing Wireless Solutions customers may email us for a log in and password. You will gain access to Motorola or Vertex Standard product based on territory and previous purchase requirements. Additionally, you may call 888-339-02017 to place an order by phone or fax your order to 888-828-0311. If you wish to purchase radios for your own use, please contact us at 888-339-0217 and we will assist you in finding a Reseller most capable of handling your specific needs.

What is a VSOL Account?
Vertex Standard Resellers may request access to Vertex Standard’s Online Services Portal. This site provides a number of tools to help you increase Vertex Standard Sales. Please contact Vertex Standard directly at 800-2-Vertex Ext 4 for more information.

What is Wireless Solutions remittance address?
Payments should be sent to:
Wireless Solutions
P.O. Box 12287
Greenville, SC 29612

Why do I only have access to some products when I log into my account?
Wireless Solutions sells both Motorola and Vertex Standard products. We have contractual obligations with each company which dictate to who and where we sell product.